The Original Coastal Express

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The Original Coastal Express

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Travelling on the Norwegian Coastal Express is a truly unique experience.

Since 1893, international tourists have been treated to some of the most stunning coastal landscapes in the world, and they’ve done so side-by-side with local travellers. Together, we sail aboard the same Coastal Express ships that service communities along the coast, bringing mail, fresh fish, critical goods, cargo and local passengers to their destinations.

Today, we still operate our ships with this heritage at heart. In modern comfort, you can travel on a working ship and experience the same coastline our first guests saw almost 130 years ago. While travellers from all around the world stand on deck to watch, local passengers embark and disembark, and cargo is loaded and unloaded from the ship’s side port.

On our small and purpose-built vessels, we get you close to the natural wonders and to everyday coastal life in a way a big cruise ship cannot. This is sustainability in practice – the combination of a working coastal vessel and a floating tourist attraction.

I’m often asked what my favourite part of the trip is, and for me it’s the food! On board, you can dine while looking out at the same places where many of the ingredients on your plate were grown and harvested. Our chefs serve modern dishes inspired by Norwegian culinary traditions – a concept we call the Norway’s Coastal Kitchen – with meat, fish and other fresh produce delivered directly to the ship by local producers and suppliers en route. You can’t get fresher than that.

Our classic journey starts in Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. As we leave the cobbled streets and old cityscape behind and head north, we visit fjords and sail beside towering mountains and spectacular landscapes, eventually crossing the Arctic Circle.

Along the way we call at 34 ports – from small fishing villages and towns, to bustling Arctic cities like Bodø and Tromsø – before reaching our destination in Kirkenes, just miles from the Russian border.

We’re proud of our heritage, and we’re also proud that we sail up and down the rugged Norwegian coast in every season, 24 hours a day. Many things have changed since Hurtigruten-founder Captain Richard With set sail on the first departure in 1893, but the core of the Norwegian Coastal Express is still the same. Today, our modern coastal ships still bring you close to the everyday life we remain a part of on what’s called the ‘world’s most beautiful voyage’.

Hedda Felin Chief Executive Officer, Hurtigruten Norway

Have you heard of lefse?

This flexible food is a staple of traditional Norwegian households, cafes and even ferries up and down the country. In Norway, the lefse is sweet or savoury, thick or thin, can be made from wheat or potatoes, and can be served with a wide variety of accompaniments. Depending on the variety, the lefse can be eaten an alternative to bread or as a sweet pastry with coffee.

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