130 years of the Norwegian Coastal Express

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130 years of the Norwegian Coastal Express

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Anticipating 130 Years of Service in Norway

Some Iconic News to Celebrate 130 Years of Service

Welcome to the wonders of coastal Norway. As we look forward to Hurtigruten’s 130-year anniversary, we’re peering through the lens of our pioneering past to take you on a fascinating tour of the country where it all began. And we have a very special announcement to share with you! Because our history is intertwined with Norway’s, we’ve got some stories to give you a rich and colourful insight into the enterprising spirit, the venerable traditions, and the very soul of our home country through the ages. We visit Hurtigruten’s original destination all those years ago – Hammerfest – to meet some of the quirky locals and gaze up at the breathtaking Northern Lights. Since we forged the route between Hammerfest and Trondheim in 1893, we’ve become an indispensable service, bringing supplies and mail during the long winter months when the overland routes are impassable.

In fact, the eagerly awaited ships have become a part of the town’s culture.

Bringing the past to life, we take a look at the modern-day version of the ship that sailed that first route. Sailing north of the Arctic Circle aboard the refurbished MS Vesterålen, we’ll get a feel for the good-natured community spirit among the crew, and take a look at some of its features. We’ll also meet the families for whom a life working with Hurtigruten runs in the blood, and who naturally gravitate to the ships they’ve seen since childhood. At Tromsø – the birthplace of our founder Captain Richard With – we’ll explore a town built on shipping and hunting, walking past aromatic cod-drying racks just like those he would have seen and smelled. After reading about the wonderful food and drinks served by the warm and knowledgeable locals, you’ll feel like you’ve been there in the best of company.

You’ll also get some insights into Norway’s unique food culture as we talk fish, crabs, and other authentic ingredients with Hurtigruten’s Head Chef Øistein Nilsen examining how the culinary options aboard our ships compare to those of 130 years ago. Norway is an Arctic country too, with a strong tradition of exploring the icy frontiers – which brings me to our special announcement.

We’re thrilled to reveal that in celebration of our anniversary we’ll be bringing back our iconic Svalbard Express, taking you back to the hauntingly beautiful archipelago that was one of our original classic destinations. But that's not all. During the winter months, we’re also launching The North Cape Express, voyaging between Oslo and the North Cape – the first time we’ve ever set sail from our capital. Aboard the stylishly refitted MS Trollfjord, and with special heritage inspired dining options, we know you’ll fall in love these classic iconic journeys. Norway is an Arctic country too, with a strong tradition of exploring the icy frontiers. So, we’ll take you to the beautiful Svalbard archipelago – one of our original destinations – to marvel at the way the adaptable wildlife is coping with a changing climate. All this and more awaits. By looking at Norway through the lens of our entwined history, we hope you’ll come to understand and appreciate the spectacular country we know and love. And who knows – perhaps you’ll become part of the story too. Happy exploring!

Hedda Felin Chief Executive Officer, Hurtigruten Norway

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